Personal Stories

One of the best ways to understand why something is important is to see first-hand how it impacts another person—for better or worse. At the Foundation for Facial Recovery, we never lose our focus on why we're here—for the individual afflicted with facial paralysis or TMJD. That's why we thought it was a good idea to share some powerful individual stories of struggle and what the road toward recovery can be like, through the words and images of the people themselves.

Onset - October 2013
January 2015
Present Day - March 2016


After being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome the initial outlook was grim. Most ENTs, neurologists and physical therapists had no hands-on experience with the condition and offered little hope for a full recovery. This lead to synkinesis, increased swelling, tightness and constant headaches. I also suffer from long-neglected TMJ. It is so important to receive expert care from healthcare professionals who understand the complexities of these conditions, and are dedicated to your full recovery, are willing to take action early and often, and have an educated, innovative approach. It feels fantastic to be able to blink and chew and smile again!